Warm welcome to our wedding

Hello to our English speaking friends (and all curious Swedish ones too).

The wedding will be held on Saturday the 1st of July 2023 close to Enköping in Sweden (less than one hour with train from Stockholm), at a place called Gyllene Brunnen.

On Friday the 30th of June there will be a get together for those who want to extend the weekend, where there will be food, drinks and games. Note that this evening is mostly outside so dress according to the weather.

Information in short


We have reserved rooms at Best Western in Enköping for our guests. Email the hotel at reception@parkastoria.se and tell if you want a single or double room and the code "Anton & Sofias bröllop" (wedding of Anton and Sofia) to get a price of 800 SEK for a single room and 950 SEK for a double room. You pay at the location. Latest date to book a room it the 31st of May.


We have booked buses to transport you to the church, to the party and back to the hotel on Saturday. 
The buses from the hotel leaves 12.15. Buses back to the hotel leave at 23.00 or 01.45.

On Friday there is no bus but we can help finding a car driving from the hotel. 

Dress code

The dress code for the wedding is black tie.

Do not forget that pre-summer in Sweden can be 25 degrees or 5 degrees, so bring an extra jacket. 

Speech and entertainment

If you would like to talk during the dinner, please contact our Toast masters Lovisa and Klas at toastmaster.levan@gmail.com.


The best gift you could give us is your presence. But, if you want to give a gift, we prefer a contribution to our honeymoon. 


You need to respond to the invite no later than the 1st of May 2023. See the link below or the tab "Anmälan". 


On Friday the 30th of June there will be a get together for those who want. This night is a chance to meet up before the wedding, have a bite or a beer and play some traditional games. We are going to be outside so bring a jacket. 


On Saturday night there will be a party with alcohol. Therefore no kids are allowed, but with the exception of breastfeeding children.

To the church is everyone welcome.

Our Swedish wedding in short

  • The Wedding day for the guests starts when the bus leaves from the hotel at 12.15 towards the church. You will not come back to the hotel until after the party so bring everything you need. We also recommend you to eat before the bus leaves, next meal is dinner.
  • In church traditionally the brides friends and family sit to the left and the groom's friends and family to the right. But, we live in 2023 so take whatever seat you like and feel like home.
  • The ceremony is less than one hour. Afterwards you toss rice, flowers or soap bubbles on the newly wed.
    (This will be handed out at the church.)
  • The bus will take you to our dinner location, Gyllene Brunnen. There you will get the chance to talk to the other guests and toast for the couple before dinner.
  • The dinner in Swedish weddings are traditionally long and full of speeches and entertainment. 
  • After dinner the bar opens and the DJ starts playing, the night is young - enjoy!
  • The wedding will be held in Swedish, but we will try to translate and make sure you will have a good time!